Sapphire Blue for September Birthdays

September birthdays

The birthstone of the month of September is the sapphire, one of the most cherished and coveted gemstones in the world. Representative of both royalty and the divine, it’s celestial connotation and moniker both allude to the iconic deep blue we all know. The deeper the blue, the more valuable the stone – and it is this hue that we celebrate for September birthday floral arrangements. Whether incorporating striking blue florals or decorative vases and accents, the team at Crouch Florist is ready to use this beautiful inspiration to create uniquely memorable designs.

Did You Know? Every sapphire has a primary and a secondary hue. The most sought after gems are primary blue with secondary violet or purple, but sapphires can also be found in various shades of orange and green.  Continue reading

Just Because Floral Bouquets

floral bouquets

Each day, many of us stick to a set routine. We have appointments to keep, and schedules to adhere to. Our days are apportioned in day planning organizers and there never seems to be enough time – but did you ever wish you could just forget the task list for a little while? Just Because Day gives us the chance to do just that, and to fill a day with activities we do for no reason at all, except to be happy.

So take the day off of work, indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure dessert, or surprise someone with flowers, Just Because Day is your opportunity – and the team at Crouch Florist is here with some spontaneous ideas to get you started.  Continue reading

August Celebrates Romance Month

romance month

Halfway between Valentine’s Day and the magic of the holidays, August is the perfect opportunity to celebrate romance. After all, love happens all year round, and National Romance Month is situated at the ideal time to remind your sweetheart of just how much love you share. Surprise them with a picnic, a handwritten note, or a beautiful bouquet of roses – and in the meantime, let Crouch Florist inspire you with these fun and interesting facts about romance.  Continue reading

Meaningful Flowers for the Funeral Service

funeral service

There are many occasions in life that we commemorate  – most are happy, but occasionally we all face sad times. When we hear of the death of a close friend or loved one, it is a difficult time. We understand that you may be wondering what flowers may be appropriate to send – whether for the funeral service or as a condolence gift – so put together a quick guide to help you to easily choose flowers that will express your sympathy. The team at Crouch Florist is very sorry for your loss, and we are here to help in any way we can.
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Back to College Dorm Room Ideas

college dorm room

This fall, approximately 20 million students will enter college. Of these, over 12 million will be full time, and 20% of them will live in college dormitories. If your student is one of those students excitedly – and anxiously – awaiting the college dorm room experience, you can help ease their minds a bit by setting up their space with touches from home. Whether her favorite stuffed animal from childhood, his favorite sports posters, or a framed photo of best friends from high school – surrounding themselves with familiar things can go a long way to helping them through the transition.

Make it Homey: Transforming a college dorm room from a sterile space to one of comfort may take a little work, but will be worth it. Green plants may not be your first thought when it comes to dorm room decor, but should be considered – they provide many benefits aside from their beauty. Continue reading

Friendship Day Celebrates Friends & Sisters

friendship day

Life can be tough sometimes, but having special people in our world can make all the difference. The first Sunday in August is all about recognizing those folks who have been with us through thick and thin, and been our greatest support and comrade. August 6 is both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day – and is the perfect opportunity to thank sisters and best friends for all they have meant to us. The online floral collections at Crouch Florist are great place to find the beautiful and meaningful gifts that will let them know how special they really are.

Start with a Classic: The yellow rose is the traditional flower of friendship, and is the perfect place to begin when considering a floral design for your sister or best friend. Whether you send a bouquet of yellow roses, or simply include them in a larger mixed bouquet – their additional meanings of loyalty, wisdom and happiness go a long way to honoring the recipient.

Beautiful Hydrangea Summer Designs


This season, fill your home with fresh summer flowers from Crouch Florist – we have all the beautiful blooms that will bring style, color, and a refreshing ambiance to your decor. Hydrangeas exhibit large, generous blossoms and a soft, beautiful palette – and are one of our favorite summer flowers. Although often used as a floral backdrop in mixed bouquets, we recommend trying something different and showcasing this beauty all by itself. The lush flower is worthy of the July spotlight!

Did You Know? Hydrangea are primarily found in shades of pink and blue. Although there are approximately 75 varieties of hydrangea, the color is not determined by the variety but by the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. A hydrangea bush will have blue flowers if the soil is acidic and pink flowers if the soil is alkaline. Green hydrangea are often more mature flowers that were once blue or pink but change as the “age”.  Continue reading

Insect-Resistant Bee & Butterfly Gardens

butterfly gardens

Ah, summertime – in Knoxville, you can sure that any backyard oasis will be welcoming insects and critters. Many, like butterflies and bees, we are happy to welcome – while others can be a bit of an annoyance. Crouch Florist has everything you’ll be looking for to either create butterfly gardens, or to encourage bees with bee-friendly plants. And did you know that some plants can even keep aggressive bugs away? This summer, talk to our floral professional team about purposeful flowers and plants.

Why Do I Want to Encourage Bees? The decline of the bee population has caused world-wide concern, as these industrious little guys are instrumental in supporting the propagation of our food supply. Each of us can do our part to provide a safe haven for the bees, and don’t worry. Experts agree that bees intent on collecting nectar rarely will sting, and only when they are provoked. So sit back and enjoy watching them work!  Continue reading

July 4th Flowers – Patriotic Party Decor

July 4th flowers

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and people across the country are preparing to celebrate in a variety of ways. There are many ways to remember our nation’s history, from parades to picnics to fireworks displays. To decorate your get-together or for a patriotic hostess gift, you’ll love the browsing the collection of beautiful 4th of July flowers from Crouch Florist.

Take Some Time for Gratitude: This is also an excellent opportunity to honor a special veteran. Let them know how much their bravery and sacrifice mean to you, with a meaningful floral design that pays tribute to their service. Continue reading

Summer Flowers for Summer Tables

summer flowers

What is your idea of the ideal summer get-together? Whether it involves a barbecue at the park or a dinner party on your back deck, summer flowers are perfect for every seasonal occasion. They infuse color, style, and ambiance – and no summer party should be without them! To add either whimsy or sophistication to your next gathering, call Crouch Florist. We have a beautiful collection of summer flowers, floral party decor and seasonal centerpieces for every summer table.

Hydrate! The summer sun can cause flowers to wilt before the party is over – so make sure to continually add water and keep in the shade whenever possible. You can also mist their leaves and petals throughout the day to keep them cool.  Continue reading