July 4th Flowers – Patriotic Party Decor

July 4th flowers

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and people across the country are preparing to celebrate in a variety of ways. There are many ways to remember our nation’s history, from parades to picnics to fireworks displays. To decorate your get-together or for a patriotic hostess gift, you’ll love the browsing the collection of beautiful 4th of July flowers from Crouch Florist.

Take Some Time for Gratitude: This is also an excellent opportunity to honor a special veteran. Let them know how much their bravery and sacrifice mean to you, with a meaningful floral design that pays tribute to their service. Continue reading

Summer Flowers for Summer Tables

summer flowers

What is your idea of the ideal summer get-together? Whether it involves a barbecue at the park or a dinner party on your back deck, summer flowers are perfect for every seasonal occasion. They infuse color, style, and ambiance – and no summer party should be without them! To add either whimsy or sophistication to your next gathering, call Crouch Florist. We have a beautiful collection of summer flowers, floral party decor and seasonal centerpieces for every summer table.

Hydrate! The summer sun can cause flowers to wilt before the party is over – so make sure to continually add water and keep in the shade whenever possible. You can also mist their leaves and petals throughout the day to keep them cool.  Continue reading

Knoxville Wedding & Anniversary Flowers

Knoxville wedding

Summer is here, and romance is in the air! June is National Wedding Month, so designated because more couples decide to tie the knot during this month than any other. But whether or not you are planning a June wedding for next year, this is the perfect occasion to discuss some tips that you will find helpful for a wedding any time of the year. And Crouch Florist is here to provide the Knoxville wedding flowers that will make your vision of the perfect day come to life.

Clear the Calendar: June is the most popular month to get married, followed by May, September, and October. If you want the best deals on venues and flowers, plan a wedding during January, February or March. These months are considered the least desirable by brides and grooms – although you may want to steer clear of Valentines’ Day, which is often booked well in advance.  Continue reading

Roses, Roses, Roses – June is National Rose Month


Roses have been the insignia of nations, distinguished soldiers in civil wars, and provided perfume and oils for society’s elite. But perhaps there is no role more beloved for these timeless beauties than to showcase our adoration to those important to us. June is all about this amazing flower, as we celebrate National Rose Month. So whether you choose yellow roses for your close friend, pink roses for someone to whom you wish to show gratitude or red roses for the love of your life- Crouch Florist has gorgeous rose blooms for every occasion.

Giving a rose arrangement to someone who is everything to you? Choose a vivid collection of every color rose.  Continue reading

Thanking Your Dad on Father’s Day

Father's Day

Choosing the right Father’s Day gift can be a little intimidating. Facing all of the neckties and phone chargers and electric screwdrivers, it’s easy to wonder what will really get his attention and let him know how much you care. We believe the secret lies in choosing gifts that are as unique and special as he is. This June 18, we invite you to do something unexpected, and shop for your Father’s Day gift right here at Crouch Florist.

Fast Fact: Of the 71 million Dads in the United States, just over one-third have children under the age of 18 living at home.  Continue reading

Red, White & Blue Memorial Day Flowers

Memorial Day Flowers

After the Civil War ended, families who were mourning the loss of husbands and sons looked for a way to honor them, and established the observance of Decoration Day. It was recognized unofficially for one hundred years, until in 1971 it was given a new name and made an official U.S. holiday. Memorial Day allows us to stop and reflect on the sacrifices made by those who gave their lives in the commission of their military service, from the 1860’s right up to modern day. Whether looking to decorate a grave site or send a meaningful bouquet to a loved one, the floral designers at Crouch Florist are honored to assist.

 Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are often confused or even thought to be interchangeable. However thee is an important distinction – Veteran’s Day honors all who have served and honors those still alive while Memorial Day exalts the memory of those who have died.  Continue reading

Spring Sunflowers & Tropical Arrangements

spring sunflowers


There are so many things to love about the spring, but flowers are some of them most beautiful! From the roadside to the garden, late spring blooms are decorating the landscape – and at Crouch Florist, we are proud to offer exclusive floral designs which showcase these seasonal favorites. To congratulate a graduate, send a birthday wish, or simply to make them smile – take a look at these lovely spring sunflowers.

Did You Know? In addition to being one of the most popular cut flowers in the world, the sunflower offers a wide range of uses and benefits. Its seeds can be used for food, and its oil is effective in applications as diverse as cooking, wound treatment, and to soften leather!  Continue reading

Mother’s Day Facts and Trivia

Mother's Day factsAlthough many people may believe that Mother’s Day is the inspiration of the greeting card companies, but this holiday does have a rich legacy.

Anna Jarvis wanted to celebrate and remember her mother’s life of service and commitment to empowering women, especially mothers.  This dedicated daughter worked diligently to see Mother’s Day established in 1914. Her vision of the holiday, however, included church attendance, prayer, and quiet family time. As the holiday was picked up on by retailers, Ms. Jarvis regretted the holiday and spent the later years of her life trying to have Mother’s Day abolished. OF course, it had already caught on – and we love showering our Moms with gifts! In honor of Mothers’ Day, here are some other fun facts from Crouch Florist: Continue reading

With Love to Mom on Mothers Day

Mother's Day

There is no single word that can describe how awesome your Mom is. In fact, we need a lot of words to truly represent her – words like advisor, supporter, shoulder to cry on, comforter, cheerleader, protector, listener, counselor – and even listing all of those barely scratch the surface. Our Moms can be our closest confidants and our best friends. And although there are millions of moms across the country, there is only one who belongs to you. Crouch Florist is prepared to help you to honor this amazing woman, with a collection of Mother’s Day flowers and plants she is sure to love.

All Kinds of Mothers: Crouch Florist would like to celebrate those who may not be a biological mom – but who have made a decision to fill this very important role in someone’s life. If you are a grandmother, foster mom, stepmom, or a family friend who has taken on this awesome responsibility – we applaud you! Continue reading

Prom Flowers & Floral Gifts for Mom

prom flowers

Senior prom is a night of traditions – from elegant fashions to renting a limousine with your friends. So many special memories are made on this magical night, and wearable flowers are a beautiful part of the event. In fact,  it is hard to imagine the big dance without prom flowers.  Whether traditional or trendy, Crouch Florist is the place to call in Knoxville for the most beautiful boutonnieres and corsages.

Other Important Spring Events: From school dances to graduation ceremonies to Mother’s Day, there are many ways to add glamor and sophistication, with exquisite corsages, boutonnieres, nosegay bouquets, floral crowns, or hairpieces!  Continue reading