Make Your Flowers Really Matter

There’s a veritable rainbow of occasions for which you might send or receive flowers, and not all of them were created equal. Here at Crouch Florist, we’ve seen them all, from flower giving on the big holidays where it’s totally expected to flower exchanges that relate to something small, special and personal. Some flower gifts are entirely unique to the people involved in the exchange, turning moments into memories.

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Let February Bring Out Your Romantic Creativity

If you weren’t aware, February is Creative Romance Month. Yes, that’s right. You’ve got Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle of the month, and all of February itself is dedicated to being creative about your romantic expression. Seems like a lot, right?

Let us at Crouch Florist help, at least with the flower part (we’re happy to consult on innovative date ideas, too).

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Behind-The-Scenes With Our Designers Pre Valentine’s Day

We’re in the midst of Valentine’s Day prep over here at Crouch Florist, an exciting but demanding time for our team as we work to complete orders, create glorious arrangements and keep our inventory nice and full at the same time. Throughout it all, our talented designers are tirelessly crafting bouquets that run the gamut, from rose-filled to mixed pieces featuring all manner of blooms for a totally unique look. They’re also working up custom bouquets that rely on their artistry and expertise to pull off.

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Breathtaking Flowers For Valentine’s Day

If you’re buying flowers for your sweets on Valentine’s Day, they’re probably going to be red roses. And not just any red roses – the long-stemmed, leggy kind. We here at Crouch Florist know there’s no other flower that communicates love, ardor, passion, romance and every other word you can think of that has to do with strong feelings of affection for someone than the red rose. With its seemingly infinite folds, the red rose invites us to keep looking into it. The deep crimson color suggests a depth of feeling. The scent is divine. It’s no wonder that February 14th’s signature flower is so sought-after.

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A Pantone Purple Beauty For Your Space

After Pantone announced its 2018 pick for Color of the Year recently, designers, florists and the like all had an opinion about it. And for us here at Crouch Florist, that opinion is more like a loud, resounding Yes!

We already have purple blooming in our shops, and have for some time. In fact, some of the most thrilling flowers come in a range of purple hues, from Ultra Violet – Pantone’s official pick – to soft lavender. We think it’s an easy jump from deciding you’ll add some purple decor to your space to actually doing it.

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The Best Flowers For Your Besties

To us here at Crouch Florist, Galentine’s Day is one of the most fun occasions to spring from pop-culture in a long time. First introduced in a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation, this day is devoted to female friendships and entails celebrating with your besties. Every year more and more women are getting on board, making February 13th as full of love as the day after.

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Gift Idea: Flowers For A Year

We here at Crouch Florist have seen just about every floral gift exchange scenario, from the last-minute to the custom order planned a month in advance. Flowers are called for on so many occasions in fact, it’s hard to find an event or holiday where they aren’t warranted. But what about “no reason” flowers? The kind you have sent simply to communicate that someone is special to you?

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Enhance Their Health Through Flowers

Fall and winter always usher in a new round of illnesses, whether we’re talking about the common cold or something more substantial, like the dreaded flu. We’re stressed from the holiday crush and likely indoors more with the heat going – a breeding ground for germs. Hence, it’s the season for get well flowers.

We at Crouch Florist have a collection of vivid arrangements designed with healing in mind. Flowers have the power to enhance our spirit, promote an upbeat outlook and even impact our health in positive ways. They oxygenate the air, literally breathing life into a space. In essence, they’re the perfect get well gift.

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Marvelous Winter Flowers

One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to introduce flowers and greens into your home. Flowers have been proven to lift the mood, help maintain mental clarity and even impact a person’s outlook. At Crouch Florist, we’re fully aware of all of the benefits of having flowers in our lives, and during the months when seasonal affective disorder is a real concern, anything we can do to keep spirits bright in our homes and offices is important.

Winter’s flowers can be rich, luxe and vibrant, or more laid back, offering a quiet polish.

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2018’s Bold Flowers And Shapes

It’s during the height of the holiday season that we here at Crouch Florist like to take a breath, a pause and an inspiring look at what the year 2018 has in store for flowers. How do we do that? Easy, by turning to International Floral Distributors‘ annual trend report, which identifies a few design approaches to flowers that they think will be big based on their research.

And we’re loving one in particular.

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