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Posted by Crouch Florist on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 26, 2019 Back to School Flower Gifts Gifts Gourmet Baskets Plants

5 Gifts To Make College Students More Successful

Gifts for the Successful Student

College students everywhere are preparing to leave home and head off to campus soon. As they do, it’s important to remind them that they are loved and missed. We also want to help them have a successful year. That’s why the designers at Crouch Florist have compiled a list of gifts to make college students more successful. These items might be things students did not even realize they need or want once they get to campus. Send a gift that is not only practical but also thoughtful. Help them along the way and show them that you care with one of these great gifts.

Brighten Their Dorm Room

Glass bubble bowl filled with succulents and air-plants


Token of Love From Home Let students know how much you love and miss them. Have a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a trendy plant design or a delicious goody basket delivered especially for them. They’ll feel so special and loved, and be motivated to keep working hard to make you proud.



A Bubble Terrarium is the perfect low maintenance gift for your student’s desk or dorm. Gorgeous succulent plants and air plants are nestled inside a modern glass bowl. Since they only need water or misting once in a while, these indoor plants are perfect for busy students who are constantly on the go.


Fruit and gourmet snack gift basket



A bountiful assortment of yummy treats, our Fruit and Gourmet Basket will fill them with delight and good treats. This special delivery is perfect for late night study sessions or lazy weekends when your student doesn’t make it to the school cafeteria on time.

Colorful bouquet created with Gerbera daisies.

Add color and freshness to your student’s dorm room or college apartment with these adorably Gorgeous Gerbs. Sweet gerbera daisies in pink, orange, yellow and white with a touch of fresh greenery will put a smile on her face.

Other Gift Ideas

Desk Organizer Staying organized can be a challenge, especially with a small space. A desk organizer will help your student find all of those small items quickly and easily so they can keep working hard.

Storage Solutions Storage containers in a variety of shapes and sizes will allow your college student to make the most of a cramped dorm room or shared apartment. Help them be successful by keeping their personal belongings under control.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones Finding a quiet corner in which to study can be almost impossible on a busy college campus. Set your student up for success when you help them cancel out the noise around them. Noise-cancelling headphones will allow them to study in even the busiest student lounge.

Bike Campus parking can be tough and sometimes expensive. Gifting your student with a bike of their own will allow them to easily and efficiently get across campus while getting some exercise in between classes.

More than anything students need to know they are loved and cared for. So, send them on their way, wish them well… but make sure they understand you are watching out for them. A gift from the heart that’s both pragmatic and thoughtful will speak volumes to them. For more great ideas about what college students might need, talk to the designers at Crouch Florist. We’re happy to help you find the perfect gift to help your college student be even more successful.