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5 Gifts To Make College Students More Successful

Gifts for the Successful Student College students everywhere are preparing to leave home and head off to campus soon. As they do, it’s important to remind them that they are loved and missed. We also want to help them have a successful year. That’s why the designers at Crouch Florist have compiled a list of gifts to make college students more successful. These items might be things students did not even realize they need or want once they get to campus. Send a gift that is not only practical but also thoughtful. Help them along the way and show them that you care with one of these great gifts. Read More about 5 Gifts To Make College Students More Successful »
Posted by Crouch Florist on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 26, 2019 Back to School Flower Gifts Gifts Gourmet Baskets Plants

Show How Much You Care With A Bosses Day Gift

Your boss is one of the people in your life who encourages you to be better, spurs you on to greatness and supports you every step of the way. Bosses are mentors, cheerleaders and motivators. Every October, we have the opportunity to celebrate these individuals who support us in our work. Bosses Day, observed on October 16th, is a day for recognizing everything your boss does to help you in your work. Crouch Florist has a variety of plants, floral designs and gift baskets that will make a great surprise for your boss this year. Read More about Show How Much You Care With A Bosses Day Gift »
Posted by Crouch Florist on October 7, 2018 Gifts Plants

Living The Plant Life

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle can be challenging sometimes. Eating healthy, finding time to exercise, and keeping stress low are all helpful when it comes to our well-being. Did you know that having a living plant in your home or office can reduce stress and boost energy? Not only do plants cleanse the air as they give off oxygen, but studies have shown that simply being near a natural, living thing can have calming effects. Knoxville, Tennessee’s Crouch Florist recommends including a gorgeous dish garden or lush leafy green plant in your office decor to create a less-stressful work environment. Read More about Living The Plant Life »
Posted by Crouch Florist on September 10, 2018 Plants

Giving The Pothos Plant To Teachers And Nurses

May 6 through May 12 is both Nurse and Teacher Appreciation Week, a double-whammy of celebrations for those people who educate, nurture, protect and otherwise empower the rest of us. Since these are two fields primarily dominated by women, Crouch Florist likes to think of this week as the chance to honor our "super ladies," many of whom are also moms, sisters, aunts, friends, neighbors and colleagues. They embody many roles all at once, and their resilience, intelligence and time-management skills should be honored all year long. Read More about Giving The Pothos Plant To Teachers And Nurses »
Posted by Crouch Florist on April 23, 2018 Plants

A Green Refresh For Spring

There are countless reasons to celebrate the arrival of spring, and we here at Crouch Florist certainly have no shortage of reasons to do so ourselves. One of those reasons happens to be the big spring clean, which, as daunting as it sounds, is actually a welcome addition to the calendar. The sense of purity and clarity you have after revamping and refreshing your home is like no other, as if you've created space for an entire season to fill it. Read More about A Green Refresh For Spring »
Posted by Crouch Florist on April 2, 2018 Plants

Blooming Baskets For Easter

We love baskets here at Crouch Florist, which should come as no surprise to anyone, since we're big fans of great containers for flowers and plants. But the messaging behind giving a basket is what makes them so special, we think. When you offer a gift in a basket, you're also offering a sense of comfort and plenty. Whatever is in a basket automatically feels special, just by virtue of the way it's been delivered. Read More about Blooming Baskets For Easter »
Posted by Crouch Florist on March 26, 2018 Easter Flowers Plants

Gifts to Thank Knoxville’s Best Boss

Since 1958, workers and employees across the country have been taking a day to honor those bosses who work to make the workplace a positive place to be every day. It is estimated that the average adult spends nearly one-third of our waking hours at our place of employment. With that much of our time and energy going towards working, it is easy to see how having a great boss can make our lives much more enjoyable! At Crouch Florist, we spend each day helping you to recognize all of the special people in your life. On October 16, we turn our attention to employers, team leaders, bosses and supervisors who do a great job every day. Do you have the best boss in Knoxville? We have the plants, floral designs and gifts to thank them in a beautiful and stylish way.   Read More about Gifts to Thank Knoxville’s Best Boss »
Posted by Crouch Florist on September 21, 2017 | Last Updated: September 24, 2017 Corporate Gifts Plants

Indoor Green Plant Care Tips

We have a lot to thank indoor green plants for - they work diligently to keep our air clean, raise our spirits, and make our environments more beautiful. Filling your Knoxville home or office with green and flowering plants is one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform your space, but which plant to choose? There are hundreds of thousands of options- but the experts at Crouch Florist would like to suggest two amazing plants - not only are they aesthetically amazing, but easy-to-care for and low maintenance. Coming Up Soon! Both Easter and Administrative Professionals Week are in mere days - have you placed your order?  Read More about Indoor Green Plant Care Tips »
Posted by Crouch Florist on April 10, 2017 | Last Updated: April 11, 2017 Plants

Bright Floral Designs for Administrative Professionals

When Secretaries Day was instituted in the 1950's, it was meant to encourage women to join the workforce. Although today the career field is comprised of primarily female employees, in those days it was just the opposite. Therefore the observance was instituted to inspire women in a post-World War II America to seek employment.  Read More about Bright Floral Designs for Administrative Professionals »
Posted by Crouch Florist on March 29, 2017 | Last Updated: April 3, 2017 Administrative Professionals Week Flowers Plants