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Posted by Crouch Florist on April 2, 2018 Plants

A Green Refresh For Spring

There are countless reasons to celebrate the arrival of spring, and we here at Crouch Florist certainly have no shortage of reasons to do so ourselves. One of those reasons happens to be the big spring clean, which, as daunting as it sounds, is actually a welcome addition to the calendar. The sense of purity and clarity you have after revamping and refreshing your home is like no other, as if you’ve created space for an entire season to fill it.

Once you’ve bagged up the old clothes, washed the floors and put away all of the winter decor, you’ll want to add a plant to the mix to top off your efforts. Bringing something green and vital into the home after it’s been refreshed is just another way of keeping the clean spirit going, as plants oxygenate the air and introduce a little nature into our space. OurĀ Ivy Plant With Fresh Roses is a fresh and appealing way to update your home’s look.

This sprawl of light green ivy is accented by lavender roses, and the two make an enticing pair. The ceramic dish gives this a more grounded, substantial look, though you could put this anywhere from the front stoop or pack porch to the front room, or even around the fireplace. Enjoy the renewed spirit that flowers and plants can bring in to your home this spring.