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The Power of Flower Giving

Crouch Florist is taking a minute to remember those times when flowers really mattered. When you work in the floral industry, you work in an emotional business. You become involved in the lives of your customers in a meaningful way, helping them to honor and commemorate the most important events in their lives. Sometimes those occasions are small and personal to the people involved; sometimes they are big, and become memorable to everyone involved. Read More about The Power of Flower Giving »
Posted by Crouch Florist on September 3, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers

Honoring Our Families Through Floral Traditions

As fall approaches, so does one of our country’s sweetest holidays- Grandparents Day. This special day, first observed in 1979, was created to bring children and their grandparents together in an effort to understand, honor and encourage one another. Not only will children develop a respect for their elders, but grandparents have the opportunity to indulge in the delights of youth once again. The floral artists at Crouch Florist recommend bringing a bouquet of grandmother’s favorite flowers when visiting for Grandparents Day… then asking her why they’re so special. Read More about Honoring Our Families Through Floral Traditions »
Posted by Crouch Florist on August 27, 2018 Flowers Grandparents Day

Soft, Soothing White Flowers For Late Summer

Using all-white after Labor Day as a means of decorating or dressing has traditionally been a huge faux-pas. In recent years, however, many fashion experts advocate breaking this rule for the sake of adding a dramatic effect to any decorating scheme. Fresh, white flowers lend an eclectic atmosphere to whatever space you’re decorating and can be a great way to add depth and texture to the environment you’re creating. The floral experts at Crouch Florist are glad to help you find the perfect all-white arrangement for your next decorating adventure. Read More about Soft, Soothing White Flowers For Late Summer »
Posted by Crouch Florist on August 19, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers

Being Bee Friendly

The bee population is on the decline and we need your help! Bees play a vital role in maintaining a balance in the eco-system. Not only do they provide nutrient-rich honey, with all of its medicinal and culinary value, but they also contribute in necessary ways to 90% of the world’s food population. If our bees continue to disappear, we will lose these benefits at a great cost to our own population. But you can reverse these effects by creating an outdoor space where bees can grow and thrive. Gardens that include bee-friendly flowers like lavender and sage, backyards that are pesticide-free, and porch flowers that provide shade and water to bees are some simple ways to encourage the work of bees. Crouch Florist encourages you to make small changes that will have a big impact. Read More about Being Bee Friendly »
Posted by Crouch Florist on August 12, 2018 Flowers

An Instant Face Lift For Your Rooms

Brighten and freshen one of your most valued rooms in your home by including fresh flowers in your decor. A living room deserves a bold statement piece that will draw attention and bring a dramatic flair to a special place. Formal living rooms were made to display decorating prowess, and no room is fully decorated without beautiful blooms from Crouch Florist. Talk to our design experts today about the right colors and textures for your decorating style. Read More about An Instant Face Lift For Your Rooms »
Posted by Crouch Florist on August 4, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers

Starting The School Year Off Right With Gifts

The first day of school is almost here! For many students, this day can be as daunting as it is exciting. The newness and unfamiliarity of the coming school year can sometimes create anxiety. Set young scholar’s minds at ease and let them know how much you believe in them with a beautiful arrangement of flowers from Crouch Florist. Our floral artisans have many creative options to choose from. Say anything from “You’re Amazing” to “You’ve Got This!” with the flowers you choose. Read More about Starting The School Year Off Right With Gifts »
Posted by Crouch Florist on July 30, 2018 Back to School

Great Trips To Floral Destinations

Crouch Florist is highlighting the best in floral attractions, and the best part is, most are in our backyard (or close to it)! There's nothing like the divine inspiration (and education) visiting a floral festival or event can give you when it comes to greening up your own home. Vacations or getaways that revolve around nature fall under the purview of "experiential travel"; they're a great way to immerse yourself in local culture and to learn a lot while you do. Read on to find our top floral travel attractions. Read More about Great Trips To Floral Destinations »
Posted by Crouch Florist on July 23, 2018 Flowers

Spend Your Summer Listening To Flowers

Okay, we don't literally mean put your ear up to flowers and listen. What we mean is, cue up a playlist inspired by flowers. Artists have been forever inspired by the natural world, penning songs that take a note from flowers, plants and herbs. These songs use nature's brightest beauties as metaphors for the entire spectrum of human emotions, making memorable tunes that make history. Don't believe us? Listen on, good friends. Crouch Florist has got your essential summer playlist below. Read More about Spend Your Summer Listening To Flowers »
Posted by Crouch Florist on July 16, 2018 Flowers Uncategorized

Flowers That Are Lookin’ Fine For Longer

So you've got yourself some beautiful flowers fresh from Crouch Florist. Good job! Now what? And by that we mean, how will you give them their longest, fullest, best life? There are a few things you can do to extend their beauty and keep them looking happy for as long as possible. Life expectancy depends on flower type, but generally speaking, you can expect 5-7 days of pretty as a picture flowers. Read on to find out what you can do to go the distance, or even stretch it beyond. Read More about Flowers That Are Lookin’ Fine For Longer »
Posted by Crouch Florist on July 9, 2018 Flowers

Vacation Flowers For Your Home

If you're planning a vacation this summer, you're not alone. Thousands of Americans will be joining you both here and abroad. There's something about this season that stirs up a sense of adventure in us all, and whether we're making a milestone trip or simply going to visit the grandparents across the country, it's definitely a time to experience new places and new people. Crouch Florist wants to highlight the incredible power of flowers themselves to recall the landscapes and cultures we've visited before or plan to visit soon. They can capture the spirit of a destination and cast a spell in your home space that makes you feel like you're somewhere else when in reality you haven't left your couch. Read More about Vacation Flowers For Your Home »
Posted by Crouch Florist on July 2, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers