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Flowers for Funeral Service [Free Delivery Options]

We recommend slightly different flower arrangements for sympathy depending on if you're sending to the service at a funeral home or a church vs. sending to the home of the deceased or to the family. This category includes many of our recommendations for the funeral service. They can be sent to the graveside, to the church, or to the funeral home. Flowers for the service will help to portray emotions in a time when it's hard to put to words. They can show deep sympathy, respect for the deceased and their family, express gratitude for knowing someone, or support during a difficult time.

A few guidelines for sending flowers for the service:

If you'd like us to deliver flowers to the funeral home or the church, please be sure to address the order to the deceased persons name. The funeral home or church will need that information so that they can properly display the flowers or plants during the correct service. If you'd like to address a family member specifically to make sure they get the flowers or plant after the services, address your card message to their name in the card message section of the check out process.

If you're sending something to the graveside, please include as much information as possible about the grave location. Many cemeteries are not fully staffed at all times, so we will need plot location in order to deliver accurately.

Flowers and plants will be delivered either on the day of the visitation or service or the day before if it's an early morning service. If your order is placed for delivery two or three days ahead of the service, we cannot deliver them on that requested day. Due to the fresh aspect of cut flowers, we need to deliver closer to the service day and time to ensure that they look their best for services. Most funeral homes do not provide space for flower and plant deliveries until the day of the service.

Be sure to sign your card message with first and last name as the recipient will not have access to your sender information. We often hear from recipients calling for more information on who sent something to them so that they can properly thank them. You may even include an address after your first and last name in the signature so they have it all together.